Vox Nakheel  Cinema in Nakheel Mall, Dubai located on a man-made island shaped as a palm tree.'Nakheel' in Arabic means Palm Trees and this is a high end residential area where luxury villas and five-starts hotels are located.

The cinema consists of two-storeys and feature 15 theatres including the VOX MAX big-screen concept and the luxury VOX GOLD experience.  The Verona Lite seat is installed within 10 screens. 

This is Vox's first cinema in Dubai using only VIP seats across all their screens to reflect the luxurious lifestyle and branding of the Palm area.

Ferco were delighted to be selected by Vox to install a total of 705 Verona Lite Seats. These seats deliver individual comfort for patrons and optimum viewing angles ensure excellent sight lines and the optimisation of capacity.

For their single seats, Vox chose swivel concession tables which are generously sized and enable patrons to position them individually to suit their comfort. Ferco's swivel tables incorporate a useful lip at the side of the table to prevent slippages of snacks and beverages. The twin seats are customised with a shared fixed table between the seats.  

The Verona Lite seating is customised with the branding of Vox Nakheel. There is LED numbering which softly illuminates a seats position before, during and after the movie.

Ferco worked alongside with UNICK Consulting, the architect for Vox Cinemas with the cinema launching in November 2019 to great acclaim.