WTW, a British cinema company based in Cornwall (Southwest England), was founded by current owner David Williams' father and grandfather in 1945. Williams' sons, Robert and Mark, joined the business in 2000 and 2002, respectively. Scott Cinemas, based in southwest England, was founded by Charles Scott in the 1960s before being taken on by Peter Hoare in the 1980s. In 2017, the two companies merged to form WTW-Scott Cinemas and continued their journey, with a larger footprint and shared experience, to expand their much-loved version of cinema-going. 

Despite the last couple of years throwing curve balls of every variety at the exhibition sector, the company has come out of the pandemic in a good position and, excitingly, has recently opened a brand new seven-screen multiplex cinema in Bridgwater Northgate. 

The seven-screen cinema, built in a former brewery that operated decades ago, now adopts the latest cinema technology and features luxury finishing touches, including Ferco's bespoke seats. 

WTW Scott Cinemas worked with Glasgow-based architects Unick Consulting Ltd who also worked with Ferco to design and manage complex challenges as part of the project. 

Five of the seven screens have conventional cinema auditoriums using Ferco's built-for-comfort classic Paragon seats with 1.1m stadia terraces. The screens also feature a row of Opus leather seats, allowing for greater width and legroom. 

In addition, Scott cinemas offer a more personalised customer experience in their beautifully designed VIP screening room, featuring 12 of Ferco's Verona twin motorised recliners. The hi-lux auditorium, is a smaller private auditorium with a VIP area and bar. This screen has a small capacity for a really personal experience and the client can adjust these seats to any set position for maximum comfort. 

Ferco's luxury seating systems enable smaller operators to match experiences with the leading exhibitor's big-screen experience with comfort and outstanding value. The new Bridgewater cinema can grow a more diverse audience by emphasising customer satisfaction. 

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