Located alongside Airport Express Highway in Beijing, the Harbin Bank International Plaza is an 18-storey mixed-use building which houses Harbin Bank's Beijing branch. Designed by world renowned architecture firm Gensler, the building is modern and elegant with a professional aesthetic befitting a successful commercial banking enterprise. The ventilated double-skin façade provides a transparent and energy efficient structure, while semi-outdoor terraces every three levels and a green garden rooftop promote harmony with nature. The oval layout of the Harbin Bank International Plaza was designed to encourage open communication within the workplace, which in turn promotes trust and collaboration.

On the 15th floor of the International Plaza is an auditorium created for presentations, lectures, conferences & meetings. Ferco Seating worked with Gensler on this room in order to create a coherent space. The Wrimatic FT10 seat model was the perfect choice for their design concept without the need for extensive renovation cost, using a curve shape seat arrangement and making it possible to remove the need for a large meeting table and to have more seats in the same place. Further customization were incorporated into the design with wooden outer seat and backrest and warm coloured fabric choice to match their interior ambient. By using tiered seating format, Ferco team created an innovative space which enhances sight lines; conducive for any event.

Where there is a conference with a speaker, an auditorium style seating arrangement; in an arc around the speaker, is best for everyone's development. Harbin Bank and Gensler understands this and applied the idea into their design to foster closer relationships and teamwork. With high quality chairs set in place, Harbin Bank and their staff are best equipped to effectively grow their business for years to come.