Located close to the mighty Thames and within easy reach of the beating heart of the British capital, Kingston University is a popular option for students who want all the benefits of the city without the drawbacks. The main campus is within walking distance of vibrant Kingston town centre and provides a wraparound experience for student incorporating a library, health centre and canteen.

Expansion continues at the faculty, with a new development at the Learning Resources Centre significantly enhancing the university's pedagogical offer. Projects such as the creation of a superb modern building in memory of renowned local author John Galsworthy were part of the impressive scheme of improvements taking place over the past few months.

With an eye on peak quality, performance and value, Kingston University selected Ferco's collaborative learning systems as the perfect fit for their Clattern Lecture Theatre.

After careful evaluation and support from Ferco's team of experts, they selected ARC One seat with fixed desks. This innovative seating solution enables students to turn their seats 180 degrees to work in collaborative peer groups, harnessing the power of shared learning and allowing for a more questioning, proactive learning style - research into collaborative learning techniques has proven that up to 45% more knowledge is retained following groupwork in a lecture situation.

The popular ARC Swivel lecture theatre seat had been adapted to deliver turn-and-learn functions with either an integrated A3 Wrimatic tablet or a fixed writing ledge.

This ergonomically shaped lecture chair rotates through 360 degrees to facilitate collaborative learning and sharing, enabling group and pairwork with a minimum of fuss. The chair's contoured design focuses particular attention on lumbar support and correct posture and is the preferred choice for many UK universities due to its comfort, durability, ease of maintenance and versatility.

For Kingston University, a Ferco seating solution was in keeping with their image as a progressive learning site that's continuing to make massive strides in enhancing the all-round student experience.

  • Collaborative Learning Style
  • ARC One with fixed desks
  • Kingston Uni, London
  • Capacity 150
  • Includes data / powerpoints
  • Includes wheelchair seating
  • Auto return mechanism