Queen Mary University of London (QMUL) is a leading research-focused institution in the UK. Its Department of Film aims to offer a stimulating, supportive, and high-quality learning experience by enabling its students to access state-of-the-art facilities.

With new cinema technology and resources constantly developing, QMUL upgraded its Arts faculty to go above and beyond its student's and acclaimed researchers' expectations. To achieve this objective, architect - McFarlane Latter - designed a state-of-the-art accessible cinema using the latest digital projection systems and 56 of Ferco's Riviera executive seats. 

Throughout the scheme development, attention to supplying the best visual experience in a comfortable setting with top-notch acoustics was a priority.

The architect committed to discovering and evaluating finishes and add-ons, cultivating an appeasing space that was robust enough for everyday university life. Natural materials inspired this comprehensive scheme to create a welcoming, invigorating area to assist students and other users.

Ferco's Riviera Wrimatic™ conference chairs have wide seats, high backs, and plush padding, offering both comfort and durability, ideal for commercial use. Quality textiles, such as those used in Fero's seating systems, provide dense acoustic absorption adding to the client's requirements. These Riviera seats included an integrated A3 writing tablet, which stows neatly when not in use - ideal for educational settings where note-taking is required.

Ultimately, this transformative project has significantly improved Queen Mary University of London's amenities and received positive feedback from everyone using the facilities daily.