Located on the east coast of Scotland within the kingdom of Fife, the University of St Andrews is a 600-year-old institution, well-known across the globe as a world leader in education. It is also the oldest of the four ancient universities of Scotland.

Established in 1929, Younger Hall is situated on North Street in the town center of St Andrews by architect Paul Waterhouse. With a capacity of 958 set out theatre-style, superior sound system, lighting, piano and disabled access, this hall serves as a main music venue for the University. All graduation ceremonies are carried out in this hall twice a year.

We were honoured to be appointed to install new seats in the Younger Hall.  Our education seat model, FT8 was selected to provide better aisle and row spacing features, accommodating more seating requirements without compromising on style and comfort. The FT8 does not come with any armrest. However, for this project, each seat is affixed with the Wrimatic™ left arm and configured in a link seating style. This takes up minimum aisle space and with its slimmer backrest, it makes the row spacing suitable for the Wrimatic™ tablet to swing open and remain in-closed position, whilst meeting the existing British standards.

For the multipurpose space on the lower ground floor, castor wheels were built-onto FT8 legs, allowing the seats to move around easily, creating a flexible and conducive space requirement for a variety of events or functions. Special upholstery in Bute Elgin Juniper fabric colour, these seats were also customized to match the interior space of the foyer; with grey and green marbles, enhancing the aspects of Neo Classical and Art Deco Styles design concepts.

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