Opened in the summer of 1996, Bank of America Stadium is in uptown Charlotte, United States and was specifically designed for football. The 75,525 seats, privately-financed, open-air, natural grass stadium is a self-contained headquarters for the Carolina Panthers and includes training facilities, practice fields and administrative offices. Refurbishments were carried out in the year 2020 and 14 new bunker suites were constructed at the lower-level of seating, in the west end zone of the stadium.

The Milano Glide was selected and installed in this designated VIP seating areas with premium amenities, each with the capacity to host at least 12 people per suite. Designed with a wide backrest and lumbar support, the Milano Glide is an ergonomic reclining solution with a built-in glide mechanism that smoothly glides its seat effortlessly outwards into your preferred sitting position as you lean into the backrest. This reclining solution allows better space planning for more seats to be added without compromising on comfort and style.

Further customization was made on the seat with special upholstering in a durable vinyl fabric, treated for water, stain, and UV sunlight resistance. Special design cupholders made with outdoor UV proofing material are used and is affixed with an internal drainage pipe that runs within its side panels to prevent water clogging when it rains. Treated UV threads are also used for the seat numbering embroidery and the internal metal structure of the seat itself are hot dipped galvanized to prevent rusting.

These customized features that are added to the Milano Glide, provides an easy maintenance and longer lasting comforts for both operators and sports fans to enjoy for years to come.