From popcorn to signature cocktails, burgers and fries; what we eat in front of the big screen is changing and redefining the experience.

It used to be that 'dinner and a movie' took place in two distinctly different locations. Picture this – the lights are dimming, the trailers are just about to start, your seat is perfectly comfortable, and instead of the usual fare of popcorn, hot dogs and a soft drink, you're about to bite into a juicy double patty of premium Angus beef on a seasoned brioche bun, crunchy home-style fries and an ice cold beverage from the bar.

Food and beverage sales in cinemas have always provided lucrative profit margins and the last few years have seen an increase in exhibitors offering patrons the dine-in movie experience.

All of Ferco's Premium range of luxury seating and electric recliners, including the Verona, Tuscany and Milano ranges, can be paired with integrated swivel tables and cup holders, in a variety of finishes – perfect for those all-important concessions.

In-seat technology, developed by Ferco can streamline the dine-in experience even further with the option of call-button food order systems, integrated wireless or USB charging ports.

Seats are sumptuously upholstered and luxuriously comfortable, with fully reclining and twin 'love seat' options.

Reel Cinema group's latest dining and entertainment concept is a collaboration with Guy Fieri's Jabal Ali Kitchen & Bar, offering patrons the best of his classic American comfort food.


The first 180-seater dine-in cinema experience in Dubai is split across four Reel Cinema screens, and is complemented by a 100-seater restaurant with both indoor and outdoor seating.

Reel chose to partner with Ferco to design the Vevo seat for their take on the Dine-in concept cinema. The innovative seat is perfect for the Dine-In cinema screens. The seat slides in and out from the fixed table and is held in the forward position by a magnet and automatically slides to the open position once the patron leaves, with an aesthetic reminiscent of an American Diner.

Ferco Seating works with leading exhibitors all over the world to create the ultimate cinematic experience.