What Is Turn and Learn™ Seating?

The ideal seating solution for progressive educational establishments, Ferco's unique Turn and Learn™ fixed seating system creates the environment where collaborative learning can flourish. The layout allows face-to-face and eye-to-eye contact for collaborative working. Seat occupants are able to rotate a full 360° whilst remaining seated, enabling students to not only engage with the lecturer, but also with their peers. This type of seating is designed to support and enhance the requirements of an interactive learning space.

Flexible Applications

The advantage of the Turn and Learn™ system is its exceptionally flexibility &endash; it is available in various different configurations and can be fitted into different shaped rooms of various usages including small configurations in spaces such as seminar rooms, libraries, IT suites, as well as large scale lecture theatres. Turn and Learn™ seating is becoming increasingly popular across educational establishments all over the UK, due to its interactive style and ease of access.

Different Layout Options

Simple desks are arranged between rows of both fixed and rotating comfortable tip-up seats and so the Turn and Learn™ is highly adaptable. It can be fitted into rooms with flat floors, spaces that are tiered (on beams and risers) and can easily accommodate flexible layouts, including radial.


To maximise the use of space, the ARC One seats are available in several seat centres.

Supporting The Collaborative Learning Approach

Another major benefit of Turn and Learn™ is its support of collaborative learning &endash; collaborative learning describes a type of educational approach to teaching and learning defined by an underlying consensus of cooperation by all group members. It involves students working together to complete any given task, be it problem solving or creating a product etc. Successful collaborative learning involves sharing responsibility amongst all participants as well as a sharing of authority &endash; it refers to a student centred approach, which allows learners to interact, not only with the lecturer, but also with their peers.


The Turn and Learn™ fixed seating system facilitates this interaction by the rotation of the seat. Students are able to physically move to a position which facilitates working together collaboratively with peers, engaging in cooperation and sharing, with a focus on group learning rather than on the individual.

Multiple studies testify to the benefits of collaborative learning, which include academic, social and psychological &endash; it is believed to help with the promotion of critical thinking, problem solving techniques, the development of social support amongst peers, encourage cooperation and sharing, an increase in self-esteem, a reduction in anxiety as well as supporting other members of the group, by placing value on individual contributions.

Benefits Of The Arc One Turn & Learn Lecture Theatre Seat

A preferred choice for many UK universities due to its comfort, durability, ease of maintenance and versatility.


The Arc One Turn & Learn™ Lecture Theatre is an ergonomically shaped padded tip-up seat. It offers exceptional lumbar support with a contoured back, helping to promote and maintain correct posture.

Many students often find it difficult to remain seated for long periods of time &endash; this flexible form of seating allows more movement as well as allowing interaction with a wider number of peers, whilst remaining comfortably seated. Seating also has a strong silent tip up mechanism for ease of egress in busy teaching spaces.

Digital Integration

Turn and Learn™ integrates seamlessly with modern technologies/digital learning spaces, with the option of additional integration with power and data sources to support the phygital experience &endash; the interaction between the physical and the digital space.

Multiple Finishing Options

There are a variety of finishes available for the Turn and Learn™ system including a range of desking options, with a wide choice of fixed writing ledges, modesty panels and paint finishes.

Various Colour Schemes

A wide range of contemporary fabric and faux leather in a kaleidoscope of colours are available to upholster the seating. Ferco is able to use fabric from any supplier that complies with the British Standard for flammability - BS 5852 : 2006 section 3 ignition source 5.

Low Maintenance

Constructed from steel and hard-wearing injection moulded plastic, this range of seating is virtually maintenance free.


The Arc One Turn & Learn™ has no finger traps and is fire safe: Flammability BS 5852 2006