Ferco's RailSeat Ultra provides more vital clearway space for safe-standing in England & Wales than any other permissible seat on the market.

    The Ultra is compliant with the Green Guide and the stricter SG01 requirements for safe standing in all-seater stadia. It has been designed specifically to meet the current and future needs of clubs in the Premier League and EFL. The Ultra ensures both safety for fans and no loss of capacity for clubs.

    The ultra-slim profile leaves more clearway space than any other guidance-compliant seat.

    The ultra-strong construction made completely from steel ensures minimal breakages and virtually zero ongoing costs. 

    The ultra-safe design with a rigid steel seat and no gap at the back to trap legs means complete safety for fans, even if they’re foolish enough to stand on the seat.

    The ultra-keen price point makes all-steel rail seating more affordable than ever before.

    The RailSeat Ultra conforms to all current safety guidelines in England & Wales. It is also future-proofed against all foreseeable regulation changes by clever forward-looking features.

    For maximum stadium capacity and complete fan safety, the RailSeat Ultra is the perfect choice for all safe-standing projects.


    • Ultra-slim profile for more clearway space
    • Ultra-strong construction for longer service life
    • Ultra-safe design for better protection from injury
    • Ultra-keen price for greater affordability 
    RailSeat Ultra Dimensions