The classic RailSeat. Originally developed in Germany to allow fans to stand safely at domestic matches, while having access to a seat for other games or events.

    Proven in use for over 20 years, the sturdy, compact seat is approved by UEFA and FIFA for both their club and national team competitions.

    All over the world safe standing and rail seats enable fans to stand safely in areas of stadia that at other times need to provide spectators with seats. With no protruding parts when the seats are upright, they leave the maximum possible space along the row for the standing fans.

    Where local legislation permits, the RailSeat One can also be utilised to increase the number of fans accommodated. Dependent on row depth and seat width this can mean an increase in capacity in such areas of up to 100%.

    Celtic became the first top-flight UK football club to install rail seating when they fitted nearly 3,000 of our RailSeat One in 2016. Shrewsbury Town became the first club to do so in England. In total to date, Ferco has installed over 17,000 of the RailSeat One in stadia in the UK and all over Europe. 

    While rail seat models like the RailSeat One have integrated locks that enable the seat to be locked upright to eliminate the risk of fans climbing up on them and falling off (and are operated in this way all over the world), rail seats with locks are not currently permitted at grounds in England or Wales governed by the all-seater policy. For operators of such grounds we recommend the RailSeat Ultra, which has the same robust, compact all-steel design, but no built-in lock, and is thus fully compliant with the all-seater rules.


    • Folds flush between the uprights leaving maximum clearway space
    • Code compliant for both height and strength 
    • Can remain locked for standing use
    • Quickly unlocked by staff
    • Robust seat and high back
    • Strong and continuous handrail
    • Conforms to UEFA / FIFA requirement
    • Increased capacity - safely
    RailSeat One Dimensions