Built in the early 1960s the University of Leicester occupies a city centre location. It is ranked in top 25th in the Sunday Times Good University Guide and is in of the top 200 universities in the world.

The university is most famous for the discovery of genetic fingerprinting and contributing to the discovery and identification of the remains of King Richard III.

Named after a former Chancellor of the University and home to the Chemistry Faculty, the George Porter Building was opened in 1961 and houses laboratories, lecture theatres and seminar rooms.

Ferco worked with the University Estates team to refurbish a seminar room.

The Athena with a standard fixed desk was chosen to maximise the capacity of the room.

The Athena is renowned for its versatility and ease of maintenance.

The sprung tip-up seat and shaped backrest incorporating lumbar support provides both comfort and space for students.

The room required Ferco to design a bespoke sloped tiering installation, which had to be constructed around a number of important ventilation M and E ducts.

A favourite product for refurbishment work the Athena is a staple of many UK universities and colleges.