An increasing number of organisations are heavily investing in multi-purpose corporate auditoriums as part of a growing movement to enhance the workplace. Such spaces can not only be used by the organisation itself, but also as a means of generating additional revenue streams. A multi-purpose corporate auditorium is typically designed to accommodate a number of different events and activities – staff and visitors can be gathered into one large space for the purpose of events such as conferences, AGMs, product launches, seminars, training, to impart the latest company news on a large scale as well as other types of activities.

The success of a corporate auditorium involves detailed design and planning, including careful reflection of all the possible uses of the space. Acoustic and aesthetic criteria must be taken into consideration as well as practical planning elements which consider legal health and safety requirements, capacity, ease of access, corporate branding, lighting, ventilation, air quality and comfort.

There are many variables in auditorium design which influence the style of the room. The proposed aesthetic should follow the rest of the building's interior with the aim of creating a seamless design which carries the organisation's branding and overall ethos through the whole building in a clean and cohesive manner.

How Does Design & Planning Within the Corporate Auditorium Affect the Visitor Experience?


In any type of auditorium, seating forms an essential part of the occupant's experience, it plays a key role in comfort, sight lines, audience participation and aesthetics. A corporate auditorium is a practical environment, which typically requires a flexible seating arrangement, making multi-purpose seats with integrated writing tablets an increasingly popular choice.

Ergonomics and comfort are of utmost importance, uncomfortable seating is not only unpleasant for occupants, it also encourages movement which may be disruptive during a conference or presentation. Sight lines are also paramount in a corporate auditorium, whether it's a conference, seminar, AGM, teaching or another type of activity, every member of the audience should be able to see clearly with an unobstructed sight lines and ideally have the ability to interact with one another. The type of seating and its arrangement is crucial to the implementation of effective sight lines and the creation of a practical and comfortable space.

Visitor traffic must be well planned with good access to and from the seating to avoid the build-up of traffic jams during entry and exit – amenities should also be easily accessible.


Poor air quality often leads to a drop in concentration levels – a fresh flow of air is vital for successful engagement during any type of conference or training activity.


Appropriate lighting brings with it a number of benefits, generating improved well-being and an increase in concentration.


As with many of the above, poor acoustics are heavily associated with broken concentration as disruptive exterior sounds can easily distract occupants.

Popular Corporate Auditorium Seating Products

FT10 Wrimatic

The FT10 Wrimatic is a multi-purpose seat suitable for both corporate auditoriums and educational settings – it is available with an integrated writing tablet making it ideal for large corporate auditoriums and seminar rooms, spaces which often demand flexibility, such as the ability to be able to take notes, rest tablets, etc. The FT10 Wrimatic is an extremely versatile seat – it can be configured to suit both radial and straight configurations and specifically tailored to fit different room and space specifications. Designed for superior ergonomic and postural support, the FT10 offers supreme comfort and is available with integrated power and desk points.

The integrated Wrimatic tablet is the most robust writing tablet on the market, tested to a load bearing of 240 kg, it is virtually unbreakable. The writing tablet operates in one continuous opening movement due to its unique triangular joint, a feature which was designed using advanced aeronautical and engineering technology – when not in use, it stows neatly away.

Beaufort Seat

This highly customisable seat is the ideal choice for stylish, contemporary aesthetic – it can be incorporated into smaller spaces without compromising on either comfort or access due to its closed depth envelope. The Beaufort's generous back rest provides excellent ergonomics and the chair can be upholstered in a range of fabrics to match aesthetic projections.

The Beaufort seat can also be paired with an A4 Wrimatic Lite writing tablet, creating a multi-use seating arrangement and a more flexible space.

ARC Max Auditorium

The ARC Max Auditorium seat can be floor or riser mounted and is available integrated with the Wrimatic A3 tablet, which can stow or unstow in one smooth continuous movement. A luxury, fully upholstered seat with a high back rest and generous padding – the contoured back offers outstanding lumbar support.

Recent Projects by Ferco

Gym Shark


Currently the UK's fastest growing company, Gymshark tasked Stafford-based design specialists Oktra to create the Gymshark Lifting Club, a multi-purpose space which included a corporate auditorium. Ferco were asked to provide seating for the auditorium, located at the centre of the lifting club. Ferco's FT10 Seat with Wrimatic writing tablet was chosen for the project – upholstered in black faux leather, the chair was customised to match the proposed aesthetic which follows seamlessly through the building and compliments Gym Shark's vision for the whole Lifting Club.

Norwich City Football Club


Norwich City football club's Colney Road Training Centre was recently refurbished to include a new academy base, gym block, upgraded changing facilities, a players' lounge and a match analysis and training room. The purpose-built academy offers education and sports science facilities, and was fitted with Ferco's ARC Max Wrimatic, a fully upholstered, ergonomically shaped seat with a contoured back offering extra lumbar support. It is fitted with an integrated writing tablet which stows away neatly when not in use. For the Match Analysis room, Ferco fitted the ARC Max seat, due to its comfort, versatility and function.

IBM China


The Ferco team worked closely with IBM to fulfil the seating requirements for a new auditorium inside the Headquarter buildings. The Caspian seat was chosen for the project, a fully customisable contemporary auditorium seat with beautifully padded, high backed seats – Ferco collaborated with IBM to design the seating and develop the Caspian with a concealed tablet arm (CTA), and a wood finish to complement the existing interior aesthetics.

Lenovo HQ


Ferco collaborated with Chinese multinational technology company Lenovo, to provide the seating requirements for their Beijing corporate auditorium. For this prestigious project, the FT10 auditorium seat was chosen and customised at the request of Lenovo with a wooden back and extended back height. The seat provides the perfect solution for auditorium and seminar rooms due to its outstanding ergonomic and posture support.

Morgan Stanley


For this unique development in an auditorium with a total capacity of 265 seats in raked formation, located in a cutting-edge commercial space in Canary Wharf, Ferco's executive auditorium seat, a customised FT10 Wrimatic was chosen for the project, offering outstanding comfort and design aesthetics.

St Georges Park National Football Centre


St George's park is home to England's 24 national teams and delivers all national coach education courses for coaches, referees, medics and administrators. The Primera Pacific Auditorium seat was installed into the purpose-built auditorium, due to its compact envelope, comfort and durability. The chair offers an extensive range of back rest options and is designed to be maintenance free throughout its lifetime.

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