The cinema experience has changed considerably over the last twenty years, with the industry finding itself at a time where Netflix, Amazon and other on-demand media providers are revolutionising the business of the film industry. This coupled with the increasingly sophisticated technology of televisions offering 4K resolution (many cinema screens still only offer 2K), means that cinema theatres are continuously having to work harder to incorporate new and diverse technologies in order to provide an impressive all round experience, from the screen to the seating.

A trip to the cinema differs from home theatre in several ways – it is first and foremost an event, an outing which involves leaving the house. Undoubtedly the quality of the film itself is of paramount importance during any trip to the cinema theatre, however this forms only part of the overall experience, as the technology and hospitality on offer must attract and connect cinema goers to the film they are watching.

Innovative Experiences

Cutting edge technology and the digitization of the cinema means that a wide range of new and diverse technologies are now being incorporated into the cinema experience. Premium cinema theatres such as IMAX, Dolby Cinema, MX4D theatres and Screen X equipped theatres offer a higher quality picture, heightened realism, pristine audio systems customised for an optimal experience. This includes all aspects of the theatre experience, from the size and resolution of the screen, the audio system, lighting, and of course to the in-house style and comfort – the quality of the seats and any other hospitality services which may be available such as food and drink.

The Rise of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality refers to an interactive experience of a real-world environment. Virtual reality replaces the real world with a stimulated one which relies on the use of multi-sensory modalities such as sight, sound, touch, smell and touch, all of which work together to alter the viewer's perception. Products such as Buttkicker and D-box have been incorporated in the cinema experience with the introduction of 4DX cinema theatres – a motion picture technology offering various 3D effects. 4DX refers to a multi-sensory experience which taps into the 5 aforementioned senses, introducing a range of motion and environmental effects such as moving seats, scented air, strobes, smoke amongst others which allow viewers to 'feel' the action from the effects and built-in motion around them.

Superior Screens

Although the 4DX cinema experience may not be for everyone, high quality screen resolution, screen size and available lighting certainly appear to have a big effect on the viewer's perceived quality of the cinema experience. New technologies such as Screen X theatres, offer revolutionary new cinema technology, creating a 270° viewing experience which incorporates the use of side walls allowing for the expansion of the traditional cinema. A normal cinema uses 1 projector which projects onto 1 front screen – Screen X however, uses a total of 5 projectors, 1 for the main screen and the remaining 4 for the side walls. Sophisticated software blends these images together in such a way that the action appears to out extend from the screen – this, coupled with a state-of-the-art sound system creates a fully immersive experience.


Another way in which cinema theatres enhance the visitor experience, is to focus on the finer details of the overall experience – new technology extends well beyond the boundaries of the screen and in is integrated into the seats themselves.

Many high-end cinema theatres across the world offer a business class VIP or executive seating area, providing a luxurious experience with fully reclining seats offering extensive legroom and enhanced cushioning for superior comfort. Cinemagoers are able to call staff via an in-seat call system enabling them to order food and drinks remotely from the comfort of their seats. Some seats are available in twin privacy booths, and are also fitted with optional extras, such as individual integrated tables, USB/wireless in-seat charging points, LED lamps and electronic tablets.

How We Can Help

Ferco Seating have worked on numerous cinema seating projects both in the UK and across the rest of the world, ranging from smaller boutique cinemas to larger global organisations such as Cineworld, Odeon, Vue, Vox Cinemas. We offer a wide range of cinema seating solutions with various additional options such as:

  • Remote control closing
  • USB/Wireless in-seat charging point
  • Auto-lift for cleaning
  • Auto-return footrest sensor
  • In-seat Call System
  • App integration

Recent Projects

Ferco Cinema Seating

Ferco works with organisations to help create the ultimate cinematic experience, by designing the best seating plan for the available space. Bespoke tiering packages are /complemented by luxury, state of the art seating offering a range of inbuilt features to provide the audience with unrivalled comfort.

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