Traditional Cinema Snacks

For many, the traditional view of food at the cinema conjures up images of popcorn, cheese topped nachos and soft drinks, and may even stretch as far as pick n' mix in some venues. Until recently gourmet dining and films were not considered compatible, this is largely due to the fact that the average cinema seating arrangement is not designed to accommodate dining - therefore dinner and a movie typically took place in two entirely separate locations.

A New Concept

However, this is no longer the case - the rise and development of the luxury cinema experience has led to several significant changes in attitudes towards watching movies and dining, paving the way for the development of dining whilst watching a film. Recliners are often larger and can be paired with integrated tables, subtle lighting and cup holders, providing guests with the opportunity to order food and beverages from the comfort of their seats.

The sale of food and beverages in cinemas has always been a means of providing lucrative profit margins and this is set to get even bigger as more and more cinemas offer the dine-in movie experience, which exchanges popcorn and soft drinks for artisanal pub fare and higher ticket items such as gourmet burgers and themed cocktails. This enables cinemagoers to enjoy good food in a refined environment and has seen the transformation of moviegoing into an event, creating a complete night out all in one venue, perfect for an outing as well as being a good solution for those short on time - heading to the cinema straight after work for example.

A Growing Trend

The concept has taken off in the US and the Middle East and is gradually building a stronger presence in the UK across a range of luxury independent cinemas. The dine-in cinema experience is helping to encourage ticket sales, improving customer retention, something especially important in the age of home entertainment which has seen the growth of Netflix, box sets etc. having resulted in a significant decrease in ticket sales.

Creating the Dine-In Cinema Experience


Dining in front of the big screen requires different types of furnishings to accommodate the consumption of anything more sophisticated than popcorn and nachos. Additional space is a must, as is some form of a table for food and drink.

cineworld ferco verona

Seating should be comfortable and practical, whilst able to support suitable posture for food consumption. Some US cinemas may offer a type of basic cabaret seating to accommodate food orders - however individual seat tables or a bar arrangement is becoming more popular, coupled with integrated in-seat technology providing the option of call-button food order systems and integrated wireless or USB charging ports.

cinema bar


Luxury cinema seating is typically more spacious with superior comfort. Ferco Seating provides a wide range of premium luxury seating and electric recliners all of which offer outstanding comfort coupled with sumptuous padding. These are available in a selection of different finishes and can be paired with generously sized integrated swivel tables and cup holders, allowing for a variety of different concessions. This type of seating can also be paired with integrated in-seat technology.

cinema menu

The Menu

Dine-in cinema menus are usually comprised of easy to eat foods such as burgers, salads, cheeseboards, mixed platters etc. Some food types are clearly not compatible with the cinema experience, soups and spaghetti for example, can be awkward and not to mention noisy to eat!

Food can be pre-ordered either before the movie or during using app technology or in-seat call systems.

Case Studies

reel cinema dubai

Reel Cinema Dubai

A collaboration with Guy Fieri's Jabal Ali Kitchen & Bar, Reel Cinema was the first 180-seater dine-in cinema experience in Dubai and is split across four cinema screens, offering high quality cuisine whilst watching the big screen. Ferco Seating were chosen to provide the seating for the Reel Cinema. The Vevo seat was selected as the perfect solution for dine-in cinema screens and for the desired style of an American Diner. The seats slide in and out from a fixed table held in position by a magnet and automatically slides to the open position once the patron has left.

cineworld cheltenham vip

Cineworld Cheltenham VIP Experience

Cineworld Cheltenham added 3 luxury screening rooms to their cinema complex, allowing patrons to enjoy a meal with drinks whilst seated in luxury recliner seats in a smaller more intimate setting. The VIP screens were fitted with the luxurious Ferco Verona Zero Wall reclining seats and individual tables.

golden screen cinema

Golden Screen Cinema

Ferco Seating worked with Malaysian based luxury cinema brand, Golden Screen Cinemas to install seats into their 'Comfort Cabin' screens into their flagship boutique cinema, The Aurum Theatre. The venue is the epitome of opulence and luxury throughout - guests are offered premium reclining seats, private booths, contemporary dining options and bespoke service. Guests purchase an 'Aurum Pass' which means freshly made food from Jin Gastrobar can be delivered directly to the seats.

Whether it be breakfast, lunch or dinner, Jin's authentic continental cuisine featuring dishes like spicy chicken wings, ginger teriyaki skewers and a vegetarian platter made by experienced chefs from the finest ingredients, adding a touch of class to the holistic cinematic experience.

Ferco's luxury reclining Verona seat was paired with an enclosure panel for the project, this was fitted with the additional features of a double action swivel concessions table, personal lamps, wireless and USB charging ports and a soft close storage drawer to stow bags during the film.

How We Can Help

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