Fixed seating is a type of seating which includes backrests and is installed into a fixed location, attaching it to a floor or tiering. It is a popular choice across a wide range of venues and has evolved considerably since its beginnings where long hard bench rows were typically found in churches and in university lecture theatres.

Fixed Seating is found across a wide range of different venues types, these typically include:

  • Auditoriums (theatres, conference halls)
  • Educational establishments (lecture theatres, seminar rooms)
  • Cinemas
  • Sports stadiums
  • Leisure centres
  • Restaurants, bars and nightclubs
  • Reception areas

The Main Advantages of Fixed Seating?


Robust and durable, fixed seating is designed to provide many years of maintenance free usage, with impressive whole life costs and attrition rates.

Maximised Capacity

Fixed seating is typically fixed together in rows, leaving no wasted space between each seat -- therefore regardless of the size of the venue, fixed seating will always be the best way to maximise capacity. Individual seat widths can be adjusted to suit preferences, provided a minimum required width for personal space is met.

Improved Comfort

Comfort is an important specification when designing seating plans - in venues such as auditoriums and lecture theatres, occupants may have to remain seated for extended periods of time. Unsuitable seating can cause its occupants to adopt awkward positions or move around more in the seat, causing distraction to others.

Generous Work Space

Fixed seating can be installed with fixed desks or integrated writing tablets, such as the award-winning Wrimatic™, providing a more spacious and practical work station for occupants to take notes and use laptops, tablets or other portable devices. Ferco recommend a generous minimum desk space of 400 mm.

Fire safety

A set amount of distance between each row of seats provides safe passage, as seats automatically tip-up or auto-park when vacated, creating a gangway free of obstacles. Fixed seats can also have auto-return and anti-panic Wrimatic tablets (the tablet automatically flips back into the arm if the user stands up, allows for clear egress in an emergency, with no fear of seats tipping over or blocking escape routes.

Superior Sight Lines

Fixed seating is often installed in tiers providing each occupant with equal sightlines - non tiered seating can on occasions leave occupants at a disadvantage if somebody taller sits in front of them. This can also encourage disruptive movement as a consequence. Fixed tiered seating is inclusive, as all occupants are provided with an uninterrupted line of sight and an equal view point. Sightlines are of particular importance at the planning stage.

Minimised Disruption

Fixed seats can't slide around which is not only safer, it also eliminates disruptive chair scraping and shuffling. Acoustics are very important in educational, performance and sporting venues. Fixed seating can include options of additional acoustic dampening properties to enhance the acoustics of a space.

Easy Cleaning

Furniture does not need to be moved around in order to be cleaned properly and so spaces can be cleaned quickly and efficiently. Ferco's premium cinema seats feature the Easy Lift cleaning system, which tips the seats forward to provide full access underneath.

Power and Data

Fixed seating can be easily paired with power and data sources, as cabling can be discreetly hidden in hollow supports on seating and desking. Wires can be run along rows of seats, which cannot be achieved with loose furniture configurations.

Uniform Aesthetics

Fixed seating is not only highly functional, it is also aesthetically pleasing with no need to return furniture to the correct configuration. Neat rows with orderly seat spacing is pleasing to the eye. Fixed seating designs can be customised to create a uniform aesthetic flow in keeping with the rest of the building. This can enhance and transform venues, attracting potential clients, visitors or students.

Disabled Access

Fixed seating systems can provide improved access for disabled people, as well as designated seating areas.

Unique Developments of Fixed Seating

Turn and Learn™

The Turn and Learn™ system is a unique type of fixed seating system which is becoming increasingly popular in academic settings. It enables occupants to rotate a full 360° whilst remaining seated, this allows both didactic and group work without vacating the seat.

The Collaborative Wave

A contoured pod-based fixed seating system is set around a curved desk which is referred to as the collaborative wave. This allows students to participate in active project-based learning, by providing flexibility for group work and study. Chairs can be moved away from the desk and rotated on a high strength steel arm, and auto-park when unoccupied.

Ferco Seating

Ferco offer an extensive range of fixed seating solutions which services auditorium, education, sports/stadium and cinema sectors. We work with clients to create highly functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces.

Lecture Theatre Seating At Dundee University

Ferco Seating were tasked with installing the lecture theatre seating, the FT10 Wrimatic™ was chosen for its style, comfort and versatility - providing an optimum solution.

Cineworld Cheltenham VIP Experience

Cineworld has added three luxury screening rooms to their Cheltenham complex - only one out of four UK sites to offer the VIP experience. The rooms are fitted with the well-appointed Verona Zero Wall, an electric recliner designed for outstanding comfort.

Ferco and Oktra Partner To Deliver Gymshark

Ferco provided seating for the 100-person auditorium at Gymshark's Lifting Club - the FT10 seats with built in Wrimatic writing tablet to provide practical, yet comfortable seating which followed the proposed aesthetic through the whole building.

Norwich City Football Club

Norwich City's approached Ferco to provide the seating for the match analysis room at the Colney training ground, as well as the training room within the academy complex. For the projects, the ARC Max and the ARC Max Wrimatic were chosen due to the comfort, versatility and the function offered.

Aberystwyth Arts Centre

The largest arts centre in Wales, the award-winning enterprise of Aberystwyth Arts Centre is fitted with Ferco Seating's market-leading Primera Beaufort - designed to complement the clean lines and contemporary aesthetic.