What Are Integrated Writing Surfaces?

An integrated writing surface typically refers to a form of fixed seating with a built in writing surface, this allows occupants to take notes, use electronic devices such as laptops and tablets and rest folders/paperwork. There are many different types of integrated writing surfaces available on the market which vary considerably in size and quality. The only type of writing surface large and strong enough to safely secure a laptop however, is Ferco's award winning and internationally patented A3 Wrimatic™ tablet.

Where Are Integrated Tablets Used?

Integrated tablets are frequently installed into conference and seminar rooms and into university lecture theatres. They have become an increasingly popular choice in lecture theatres as UK universities are heavily investing in seating and desking arrangements to meet shifting educational parameters, modern teaching methods and technological advancements.

The Wrimatic™ Tablet Range


Ferco's highly robust and reliable Wrimatic™ Tablet was first developed back in 1996 in response to frustrations expressed by clients regarding the inadequacies of writing desks on the market at the time. Ferco have since expanded their integrated writing tablet range to offer the A3 Wrimatic™ tablet, the Wrimatic Lite and the customisable Concealed Tablet Arm (CTA).

A3 Wrimatic™ tablet

The award winning A3 Wrimatic™ tablet is the ultimate stowable study bench in terms of size, function and strength. Designed by an aeronautical engineer, the writing tablet opens to a large A3 size surface, suitable for both left-handed and right-handed users - it is also capable of supporting laptops and full-size ring-binders. Its unique design consists of a triangular prismoid swivel joint which enables the stowing or un-stowing of the tablet in a single continuous fluid movement. The Wrimatic tablet has been static load tested to an impressive 240kg, offering incredible strength with almost zero repairs recorded in its twenty-year history.

The Wrimatic™ tablet has proven a highly popular choice across a wide range of educational and executive establishments due to its high functionality and outstanding durability making it frequently the combination of choice for Business Schools and high-end lecture theatres all around the world, from Cambridge University in the UK, Stanford University in California all the way to Sydney University in Australia.

The Wrimatic Lite

The Wrimatic Lite is an A4 writing tablet - the tablet stows neatly in the armrest when not in use. This tablet is useful for theatre and conferencing spaces. A smaller version of the A3 Wrimatic, the Lite is a useful addition, where spaces are required to have multiple uses. Manufactured from a hard-wearing, durable plastic, the Lite is graffiti-proof and anti-panic.

The Benefits of Integrated Writing Surfaces

Multi-Purpose Use

Ideally, seating systems should be able to accommodate multiple uses - the use of an integrated writing tablet not only provides further usage options, it also offers the opportunity for additional revenue generation, allowing a lecture theatre for example, to be used for conferences and seminars.

Space Saving

The Wrimatic tablet range can be stowed neatly away when not in use, creating greater use of space than that of fixed desking.

Enhanced Safety

The anti-panic mechanism ensures that the tablet automatically folds away when the occupant stands up, allowing for easy seat vacation in the case of an emergency.

Which Chairs Can It Be Integrated With?

The A3 Wrimatic™ tablet range can be integrated with the FT10, FT10 Swivel, ARC One or the ARC Max and the Wrimatic Lite is available on the Primera Beaufort, Primera Atlantic and the Primera Pacific.

Recent Projects

Dundee University

The FT10 Wrimatic™ was installed into two upgraded lecture theatres in Scotland's prestigious Dundee University's Matthew Building, as specified by architect James Paul Associates to support the continuing programme of refurbishment for teaching spaces.

University of Buckingham

Ferco seating were tasked with the installation of the market-leading FT10 with Wrimatic™ tablet seat into the lecture theatre at University of Buckingham's Vinson Centre. This three-storey learning centre designed by architects Panter Hudspith, houses a 180-seat lecture theatre as well as a double height study centre, with a mezzanine, informal learning spaces, student café and a university bookshop. It is used not only for research collaborations between the University and the Institute of Economic Affairs, but also by economics students, research fellows, and for conferences and internships. The FT10 Wrimatic™ was installed with shared power and data ports as well as a bespoke stitching pattern on the backrest and seat which was requested to complement the bright red fabric.

IBM China

The IBM Research lab in China is one of the country's most highly acclaimed centres and one of IBM's nine global research institutes. Ferco Seating collaborated with IBM to develop the Caspian seat with concealed tablet arm (CTA) to fit into their vision for a new auditorium inside their headquarter buildings. The Caspian was finished in wood with a concealed tablet which stows neatly into the top of the armrest.

Exeter University

The University of Exeter's The Forum is a dynamic building which links to the Great Hall and Devonshire House, creating a vibrant and multi-purpose hub, ideally suited to accommodate a variety of events. The Forum was fitted with the FT10 with Wrimatic™ tablet to provide functionality and comfort.

Royal College of Surgeons

The FT10 Wrimatic was chosen for the Royal College of Surgeons' national centre for surgical education, training and assessment. The FT10 Wrimatic was chosen as the ideal seat for auditorium spaces and corporate events with the integrated A3 Wrimatic tablet.

Ferco Seating

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